Instant Discount Voucher & Quick Services

1, Type the discount code (first click the shoppingcart right above and go to "view cart"): 387778 in the coupon code of your shopping cart, you will get 8% discount.

2, At the next purchase (second time) you will receive a discount card (with discount code) of 10%per email.

3, From the third time purchase you get 20% discount that you can use on all our products for good.

4, One kind of discount valid each time.

We are on average 20% cheaper than other sex dolls in the market. Our factory makes the sexiest dolls (currently 80%) for Europe, so we can offer these quality sex dolls for less money and sometimes make 1/2 prices.

In addition, there are 8-20% discounts on all sex dolls. This is only valid if you pay online and can not be used if you pay by delivery! 

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